To sell

The sale of second-hand camping equipment is only available to outdoor hotel professionals.

When you create an ad to sell a property at auction, you must choose between our two marketplaces:

sale to outdoor hotel professionals : the publication of an advertisement is free.

sale to individuals and professionals other than outdoor hotels : the publication of an advertisement costs you 150€ including tax.

When your auction begins, you have the option of making visits by freely setting up an appointment with potential buyers. You can also answer their questions via an online chat !

When the countdown is over, you are put in touch with the buyer who makes the online payment. You get your money back after the property has been transferred.

To buy

The purchase of second-hand camping equipment is open to everyone: individuals and professionals !

After creating a free account, you will discover all the auctions present as well as those soon available. To acquire a property, you must place a bid for an amount greater than the last bid.

Think about automatic auctions : set a maximum amount that you don't want to exceed, and as soon as another potential buyer places a higher bid than yours, the system will bid for you!

You can get more information about the property by asking your questions directly in the online chat: the owner will answer you! The latter can also organize visits where he sets an appointment with various potential buyers.

The countdown has just ended and you are the last bidder? Well done ! You can now make the payment directly on our site via the secure Lemonway solution. Kampeho puts you in touch with the seller to effect the exchange or delivery of the goods.

The money will not be paid to the seller until after the property has been passed.